Millions go to work for corporations and dream of retiring with a pension. Millions are now finding out that corporate loyalty and a pension are just a dream, a dream like winning the lottery.

Face it even Governments are now saying that a minimal pension may not be guaranteed to citizens when reaching the mandated age of retirement. Rising age requirements and baby boomers soon to reach retirement age have Governments saying you must invest in your own retirement.

As anyone who has invested in the stock market has learned the risk usually means you are throwing away your hard earned money. For those investing in RRSP's the shock will be the amount of money paid back to the Government in  taxes when they are cashed in.

This site is for those who think winning the lottery is the ultimate retirement savings program. We help those of you smart enough to realize that winning sooner rather than later will help you retire sooner rather than later. Explore and join our group no age or class restrictions here.

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