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This is Not an Online Gambling or Pornographic Website!

Our Purpose is to Assist Lottery Players in Achieving Early Retirement By Winning a Lottery Jackpot.

The litigious nature of North American society has necessitated this waste of webspace. Regrettably it is important to note to all that the following applies.

This is not an online gambling website, we do not wish to promote gambling or create a gambling addiction for anyone. We encourage all with a gambling problem to seek counseling and more importantly stop. You should only play the lottery with funds that will not  lead to financial ruin.

This website complies with  published rules governing hyperlinks to Provincial lottery authorities websites mandated to oversee Provincial lotteries with none giving an implied or stated endorsement or has an association with this website.

Use or subscription to our services will be in accordance with the legal agreement that will be agreed to by all clients prior to their enrollment in the subscription service.

This website does not offer any financial advice or brokerage services for financial securities that would require compliance with any Provincial Securities regulator. No formal pension plan is being offered that would require registration with a Provincial/Federal Securities or Pension Plan regulator.           

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