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Face it who needs a pension plan if you win the lottery. To assist you we have developed prediction models for the Lotto649, Western649 and Super7 that give you an edge in selecting the winning numbers.

The subscription service is simple, we email to you before each draw a list of hot numbers that have a good probability of being selected. You can then include these numbers in your  strategies you use to pick the winning numbers. For a sample report click on this link Sample Report Past Lotto Draw.

The fee for the service must be paid in advance by the month. Monthly fees are $9.95 for each game played. You can cancel at anytime. We do not provide prorated discounts if you terminate early from the service. We accept PayPal only! 

The service is provided for non-commercial private individuals only. You must also agree to our terms and conditions contained in our subscription agreement. Once you join the plan we send an email with all the details to get started.                                                   

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