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Will She Have a Pension Plan When She Retires?

This is What Happened to Airline Stewardesses. Are you Next to Pose Nude For a Calendar?

Airline stewardesses have always been thought to have the dream job. To be young and have a job with travel and status what more could you ask for? A Government job or an appointment to the Senate. Well times have changed.

In the old days prior to dropping airfares for the masses, airline employees had retirement benefits that were untouched. Who would ever think they would suffer the same fate as steel employees in the early seventies.

With dropping airfares and rising fuel costs coupled with fears over terrorism and bankrupt airlines has become the new reality. No more security or pension plans is the new reality for those in the airline industry. Imagine having worked your entire career in one industry only to find out that as you reach retirement and the end of the line your one cherished hope is taken away.

Here is how one group of stewardesses fought back. But can we all strip down and pose nude forced to beg for money to replace lost pension benefits. You be the judge and see if your body matches these 50+ stewardesses when you retire.            

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